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1. The Provost shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be assigned to him by the Vice-Chancellor.
2. The Provost shall hold office for a term of two year and shall be eligible for re-appointment.  
3. The Vice-Chancellor may delegate all or any of his powers as he deems proper to a Provost and to such other officers as he may specify in this behalf.
Powers and Functions of Provosts:

  1. He will supervise the hostels in his or her hostels in matters relating to the hostels' overall functioning, the resident-students' welfare and discipline.
  2. He will periodically visit the hostels and be in contact with the Wardens, staff and students.
  3. He will encourage sports and cultural and other activities at the hostels so as to promote inter-hostel cooperation.
  4. He can permit stay of any guest for more than 7(Seven) days according to hostel norms.
  5. The Provost's should be informed, if Sr. Warden/Warden takes leave.

Hostel Wardens:

Each Hostel will have a Hostel Warden who will serve as a guardian to the students. Hostel wardens are full-time faculty members and senior administrative staff who undertake this responsibility in addition to the academic / administrative responsibilities they have in the University. There shall be one (01) or more Wardens for each hostel depending on the strength of the hostel.

(a) Appointment: Warden’s appointment is made for a maximum period of two years by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Provost and is eligible for reappointment on the recommendation of Provost. The Vice-Chancellor may, however, terminate the assignment of any Warden, by giving at least one month's notice. The Wardens are entitled to honorarium as per rates decided by the University from time to time.
(b) On the expiry of their term or on termination of their appointment, the Wardens shall be required to vacate their Flats/Rooms immediately. The Warden shall also be required to vacate the flat/rooms before proceeding on leave for a period exceeding 90 days during his/her tenure, unless he/she is granted special permission by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Provost concerned for retaining the flat. [All types of leave applications of Wardens viz., duty leave, sabbatical, study leave, fellowship, visiting professorship, etc, shall be forwarded by the concerned Provost well in advance before consideration by the University authorities and respective Departments/schools/centres. The wardens should submit their leave application through the concerned Provost, if they are proceeding on leave for more than 90 days or taking any assignment outside the University)
(c) Powers and Functions of Senior Warden and Wardens: The Senior Warden and Wardens of Hostel shall perform such duties as are assigned to them by the Provost from time to time and they shall function under the overall charge of the Provost. In addition to the specific duties assigned by the Provost, the Sr. Warden and Wardens shall perform the following functions:

  1. The Wardens shall keep close contact with the residents and shall pay attention to their health, hygiene and general life in the hostel.
  2. The Wardens functioning under the overall charge will be individually and collectively responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostels. Each warden shall be responsible for his/her portfolio and such responsibilities as assigned to them by the Provosts from time to time. Under the collective responsibility principle, they are responsible together for the overall smooth functioning of the hostel and to meet any contingency.
  3. Each Warden shall ensure that the residents in his or her charge observe the hostel rules properly and maintain discipline and decorum and shall promptly report in writing to the Provost/Senior Warden all cases of misbehaviour, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in his or her charge.
  4. The Wardens can impose fines (upto the limit set in List of Rates) upon resident-students.
  5. The Wardens should be available in the hostel office everyday at specified hours (to be notified in the hostel office) to attend to official business and to residents' problems.
  6. The Wardens will be responsible for the proper upkeep and maintenance of such properties of the concerned hostel as are under his or her charge.

Senior Warden (Administration):
(a) Senior Warden’s appointment is made for a maximum period of two years by the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Provost and is eligible for reappointment on the recommendation of Provost. The Provost may recommend the name of the Senior Warden on the basis of the person's all-round experience in running a hostel and capacity to cope with diverse contingencies. The Vice-Chancellor may, however, terminate his/her assignment, by giving at least one month's notice. The Senior Warden (Administration) is entitled to honorarium as per rates decided by the University from time to time.
(b) Powers and Functions of Sr. Warden (Administration):
(i) The Senior Warden is the principal authority and executive in all matters relating to resident students' welfare, their discipline and messing as well as the administration and security of the hostels. The Sr. Warden shall be responsible to the Provost for the proper maintenance and management of the hostel and of its attached mess.
(ii) To assist the Senior Warden, each hostel has appropriate full time staff as well as two or three more wardens to look after general administration, mess, common room, health and recreational facilities, and maintenance and sanitation.
(iii) Senior Warden will supervise all matters concerning the functioning of the hostels, and will also hold charge of one of the portfolios, normally Sr. Warden (Administration).
(iv) Senior Warden will chair the meetings of the Wardens Committee in the hostel, which will be held as regularly as may be necessary, but at least once in a month.
(v) Senior Warden can impose fines (up to Rs.2000/=) or waive fines.
(vi) Senior Warden (Administration) can transfer a resident from one wing of the Hostel to another.
(vii) Senior Warden can permit the stay of a resident's guest for more than 7 days according to hostel rules.
(viii) Senior Warden will regulate expenditure out of the authorized hostel budget and for timely adjustment of temporary advances.
(ix) Senior Warden will be responsible for the maintenance of Imprest Accounts and for the custody of imprest money.
(x) Senior Warden can sanction payment of security deposit to suppliers for goods to be supplied or services rendered.
(xi) Senior Warden can sanction refund of all kinds of security money.
(xii) Senior Warden will secure the timely completion of and will examine the bank reconciliation statement of ail accounts pertaining to the hostel.
(xiii) Senior Warden shall ensure proper checking by office Incharge and shall verify the wage bills pertaining to the mess, sanitary and other staff provided by the private manpower service provider.
(xiv) Senior Warden (Administration) can sanction repairs and purchase of any items upto Rs.3000/= in emergent cases.
(xv) Senior Warden will be responsible for proper pursuance of complaints relating to civil/electrical works, repairs/replacements of furniture, fittings etc.
(xvi) Senior Warden can recommend overtime in accordance with rules.
(xvii) Sr. Warden can sanction or recommend leave in respect of mess and other staff of the hostel as per delegation of authority given in this Manual.
(xviii) Sr. Warden will be responsible to notify/select/elect/nominate different secretaries of the Hostels, editors of Hostel Magazine, Hostel Committees of different Hostels, with consultation from the concerned warden and Provost.
Duties of Warden (Administration):
(i) He will supervise the allotment of guest’s rooms. (This function will not be delegated to any staff in the hostel)
(ii) Will check and sign the resident students Late Entry/Outing register and the guest room register daily.
(iii) Will take disciplinary action for keeping any unauthorised guest.
(iv) Will order double-locking of rooms of resident students and their re-opening, when required.
(v) Will take action for the eviction of defaulting resident students in consultation with the Senior Warden/Mess Warden for mess bill defaulters.
(vi) Will be responsible for the overall security of the hostel and will coordinate his/her responsibility with the Security Officer of the University.
(vii) Will periodically verify the furniture and fittings of the hostel with the assistance of the Caretaker, and take action for their repairs/replacement or for obtaining additional furniture.
(viii) Will look after the maintenance work related to civil/plumbing/electrical etc. with the assistance of the concerned Caretaker, and send the report for repairs/replacement of the required items to the concerned section.
(ix) Will draw and settle the Contingency Head of the Hostel and maintain the proper record of the same and its file annually.
Duties of Warden (Health & Sanitation & Recreation):
(i) Will be responsible for general matters relating to health of the hostel residents with the advice of the Medical Officer of the University,
(ii) Will look after the common room and the sports and cultural programmes of the hostel and will regulate disbursement out of the hostel's recreation grant.
(iii) Will check the bills prepared by the Caretaker and Reading Room Secretary for purchase of Newspapers and Magazines.
(iv) Will arrange disposal of old Newspapers and Magazines as per GFR and ensure that the sale proceeds are deposited in the appropriate head of account in consolation with the concerned Caretaker and Reading Room Secretary.
(v) Will ensure maintenance of discipline and decorum in the common room.
(vi) Can permit the common room to stay open beyond the prescribed hour on a special occasion.
(vii) Will pursue, at appropriate level, all complaints and its maintenance relating to common room items like television set, set top box etc.
(viii) He will be responsible for all matters relating to hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness of the hostel in consultation with/ upon the advice of the Medical Officer of the University.
(ix) Will supervise the work of the Housekeeping/Sanitation staff, keep a control over their attendance and maintain the Attendance Register.

 Duties of Warden (Mess):
(i) With the assistance of the Mess Committee, he/she will supervise the functioning of the mess and the working of the Mess Caretakers, Cooks and Helpers under his/her charge.
(ii) Will keep a watch over the cleanliness of the dining hall and the kitchen and of the food prepared.
(iii) Will conduct regular inspection of the kitchen room and the dining hall, especially when the residents take their meals.
(iv) Will enforce discipline and decorum in the dining hall.
(v) Will supervise the system of purchases of mess stores, provision etc.
(vi) Will ensure the correctness of receipts and issues of mess stores, crockery etc. and of the stock balance and will attest all entries in the relevant stock register. Will check the valuation of the closing stock.
(vii) Will ensure that stores are kept in good and efficient condition.
(viii) Will check and certify the bills received from suppliers with reference to the stock register.
(ix) Will investigate cases of shortage/excess of stores.
(x) Will be responsible for drawl of temporary advance when necessary and for keeping     watch over its adjustment.
(xi) Will examine the monthly income and expenditure statement of the Mess.
(xii) Can sanction mess rebate and lunch rebate in accordance with Mess rebate rules.
(xiii) Will stop mess facilities in respect of residents defaulting payment of mess bills and recommend action to the Provost/Sr. Warden for eviction.
(xiv) Will stop mess facilities in respect of those who have vacated the hostel or have been evicted. (xv) Will supervise the deployment of Cooks and Helpers on daily wage and overtime when necessary as per rules.
(xvi) Can recommend proposal to the Provost, regarding overtime to mess staff, when absolutely essential.
(xvii) Will make recommendations to the Provost/Sr. Warden about refund of mess security/caution deposits to students.
(xviii) Will arrange disposal of empties, crockery etc. as per GFR and ensure depositing of sale proceeds in the appropriate head of account.
(xix) Can grant casual leave to Mess Caretakers, Cooks and Helpers and recommend regular leave to the Sr. Warden/Provost as per delegation of powers.
(xx) Can approve extra duty allowance to Mess Caretaker with justification in writing.
(xxi) Will ensure the required number of mess staff in every shift.
(xxii) Will supervise the work of the Mess staff, keep a control over their attendance, maintain and sign the Attendance Register (with incoming and outgoing time of staff).
(xxiii) Will prepare the Mess Bill of every month and display the same within stipulated period of every month. Will also notify about the selection of ‘Food cum Audit Committees’ of the Hostel quarterly i.e for a duration of three months and complete its constitution during the third week of the quarterly month and select them before the last day of the quarterly month.
(xxiv) Mess Warden shall prepare records of the monthly Mess dues and make necessary arrangement to recover the dues as per rules. Mess Warden will ensure that the monthly Mess bill should be deposited by the boarder within stipulated period.