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HK Sherwani Centre for Deccan Studies,
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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Maulana Azad National Urdu University embraces all the core values of NAAC from Contribution to National Development to the Quest for Excellence, and strives to realize them in a substantive way.

IQAC, MANUU envisions raising and sustaining the quality of teaching and learning, promoting research, attracting consultancy, and contributing to the building of informed and conscious Urdu society in the nation. 

As MANUU possesses a privileged right to promote higher education through the medium of Urdu, and to ensure women empowerment through gender equity in education, then the mission of IQAC shall be to exercise this right, and to oversee the implementation of all NAAC recommendations in this regard.   

IQAC, MANUU has a policy in the form of NAAC Manual for Universities as any other higher education institution has, but its strategy of policy implementation shall naturally differ from other institutions of higher education as MANUU’s medium of imparting knowledge is Urdu.   

Therefore, the task before IQAC MANUU is as to how to match the expectations outlined in Quality Indicators Framework (QIF) of NAAC with the academic achievements and accomplishment of MANUU which imparts higher education through Urdu.

IQAC relies on all the members of the University in general and its members in particular to devise and revise its strategies of implementation of quality education and achieve the desired national objectives of development and quest for excellence.


IQAC Initiatives

  • Nominated Coordinators from Departments to IQAC for assisting IQAC to assess, suggest, develop, and sustain the quality of education and governance in the University.
  • Recommended that the University teachers who publish their papers in any journal, as an intensive, their photographs along with the details of their research papers must be displayed for at least a week on the University website. This can be applied to any other achievement as well.
  • Recommended that the departmental heads must be provided the autonomy to enter into MoUs with the departments of other higher education institutions in the country.
  • Proposed that feedback from students must be sought through MANUU IUMS.
  • Proposed that the teacher’s profile must be expanded wherein they update their academic and social achievements every month.