About the School

The School of Commerce and Business Management was established in the academic year 2004-05. The School of Commerce and Business Management (SCBM) includes the Department of Management and Commerce, which offers PhD, MBA, M.Com, and B.Com. The SCBM promote faculty and doctoral research, professional training, and outreach activities in various sectors.


The broad Vision of the SCBM is to persistently endeavor to achieve excellence in management and commerce education, research, and outreach activities with a multi-disciplinary developmental perspective.


The mission of the SCBM is to enhance the scope of practicing the concepts of management to infrastructural, institutional, Environmental & developmental services, and Entrepreneurship.


  • To encourage the development of comprehensive conceptual and professional skills among students.
  • To promote the development of managers with an orientation towards sustainability.
  • To encouragethe development of qualities of persistent learning and self-development among all stake holders.
  • Core Activities
  • Organizing the lectures and activities related to the course work
  • Organizing sessions for development of professional skills of the learners, summer internship, and project work
  • Encouraging research by faculty and Ph.D. scholars
  • Collaborating with reputed national / international institutions / industry


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مولانا آزاد نیشنل اردو یونیورسٹی، گچی باؤلی حیدرآباد,تلنگانہ-500032

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9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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