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Research Publication of P.F.Rahman (on deputation)


  1. Jairajpuri, M.S. & Rahaman, P.F. (2001) Nematode Taxonomy: Concepts and recent trends. Based on the proceedings of the workshop on Nematode Taxonomy sponsored by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, GOI, held at Hyderabad o27th and 28thJanuary, 2001.


Chapters in Books:

  1. Bhanu  Pratap  Pritam  &  Rahman,  P.F.  (2015).  Rashtriya  Uchchatar  Shiksha Abhiyan: A trajectory of Indian Higher Education Policy and Implementation Challenges. In Indian Higher Education at crossroads” by K.M. Shahid & B.P.Pritam (Eds) 128-138, Kalpaz Publications, Delhi
  2. Rahman, P.F. & Bhanu Pratap Pritam (2015). World University Rankings: Status of Indian Universities. In Indian Higher Education at crossroads” by K.M. Shahid & B.P.Pritam (Eds) 271-296, Kalpaz Publications, Delhi.
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  4. Mohammad Kashif Uddin and P. Fazul Rahaman (2017). A study on the potentiaapplications of rice husk derivatives as useful adsorptive material. in Organic Pollutants in Wastewater, Chapter: 4, Eds. Ali Mohammad, Abdullah M Asiri. Publisher - Materials Research Forum LLC (ISBN 978-1-945291-34-0) pp.149-186
  5. Qasimullah, A. Mohammad, P.F. Rahaman, M. Khan (2018). Removal of Malachite Green from Water and Waste water by Low-Cost Adsorbents, in Inorganic Pollutants in Waste water II: Methods of Analysis, Removal and Treatment. Eds. Inamuddin, Mohd Imran Ahamed, Shadi Wajih Hasan. Publisher - Materials Research Forum LLC (ISBN 9781945291708)- pp. 262-291.
  6. Asif,  M.  &  Rahaman,  P.F.  (2023). "Comparative diversity, abundance,  and  Bio- indicative capabilities of Nematode community Structure in natural and disturbed habitats." in the book Edited by Soumalya Mukherjee & Sajal Roy titled "Nematode- Ecology, Adaptation and Parasitism", ISBN 978-1-83769-941-4.

Research Papers:

  • Bilal Ahmad Mir, Arif Ahmad, Nighat Farooq, M. Vishnu Priya, A. H. Siddiqui, MAsif,  Rouquia  Manzoor,  Hassan  Mubarak  Ishqi,  Suliman  Y.  Alomar  &  P.  F. Rahaman (2023). Increased expression of HPV-E7 oncoprotein correlates with a reduced level of pRb proteins via high viral load in cervical cancer. Scientific Reports, 13, 15075
  • Nighat Farooq, P. F. Rahaman, Vishnu Priya, Bilal Ahmad and Arif Ahmad (2023). Socio-Demographic and  Reproductive Factors  for  the  progression of  CervicaCarcinoma from Precancerous to Cancerous stages. Biochem. Cell. Arch. 23 (1): 43-50.
  • Nighat Farooq, Arif Ahmad, P. F. Rahaman (2022). Cervical Cancer and HPV viral load. Mahanama Khawateen ki Duniya, 6 (5).
  • Nighat Farooq, Arif Ahmad, P. F. Rahaman (2021). Cervical Cancer and prevention. CSIR-National Institute of Science communication and policy research. Science ki Duniya, 47 (2).
  • Bilal Ahmad Mir, P. F. Rahaman and Arif Ahmad (2021). Viral load and interaction of HPV oncoprotein E6 and E7 with host cellular markers in the progression of cervical cancer, AIMS Molecular Science, 8 (3): 184192
  • S.  Babi  Heera,  Umme  NajiyaMahwish,  Fazul  Rahman,  Sayeeduddin  s, Sreebhushanraju, Parveen Jahan (2019). Synonymous Variant of ACE Gene (rs4343) is Coupled with Early Age at Onset and Diminished Diabetic Duration in South Indian Diabetic Nephropathy Patients. Genetics and Molecular Research. 18 (2), gmr16039954
  • Goske Deepthi, Komaravalli Prasanna Latha, Vital Usharani, P. Fazul Rahman, Parveen Jahan (2019). Adrenomedullin gene polymorphisms (rs4399321A/G and rs4910118C/T) in pregnancy related disorder: Preeclampsia. Genetics and Molecular Research, 18 (2): 2019, gmr16039953
  • Babi  Heera,  S.,  Syed  Sayeeduddin, P.  F.  Rahman  and  Parveen  Jahan  (2018). Diabetes.  Science  ki  Duniya  (SKD),  Vol.44(2)  [April-June  2018](0973-0370NISCAIR-CSIR, India,16- 23
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  • Ali Mohammad, Qasim Ullah, Mahfoozurahman Khan, Syeda Samina Aziz, P. Fazul Rahman, Faiz Mohammad (2018). Detection reagents used in on-plate identification of amino acids by thin layer chromatography: A review. Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 41 (10): 595-603
  • MaruthiGoske, V. R. VinishRamachander, Prasanna LathaKomaravalli,P. Fazul Rahman, Chandrasekhar Rao, and Parveen Jahan (2017). CTLA-4 Genetic Variants (rs11571317 and rs3087243): Role in Susceptibility and Progression of Breast Cancer, World Journal of Oncology,8(5): 162170.
  • K. Ranjith Reddy, M. L. N Deepika, Prasanna Latha, Sagurthi S.R, Lakshmana Rao. S. S, P. Fazul Rahman and Parveen Jahan (2015). Polycystic ovary syndrome: Rolof  Aromatase gene  variants  in  South  Indian  Women.  International Journal  of Pharma and Bio Sciences, 6(2): (B) 1283-1296.
  • G.Maruthi, VR VinishRamachander, Prasanna latha, P. Fazul Rahman and Parveen Jahan. (2015). Independent and combined analysis of ACE I/D (rs1799752) and IL10 (rs1800872) Gene Polymorphisms in Breast Cancer patients. International Journal of Innovative research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 3 (8)36-42.
  • G. Deepthi, Kamashi Ponalugi Chaitri, K. Pransannalatha, P. Fazul Rahman and Parveen Jahan. (2015). TGFB1 functional Gene Polymorphisms (C-509T and T869C) in the maternal susceptibility to pre-eclimpsia in south Indian women. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 82 (4):390-7.
  • Rahaman, P.F., Sharma, S.B. and Wightman, J. A. (2000). A review of insect- parasitic Nematodes research in India 1927-1997. International Journal of Pest Management 46: 19-26.
  • Sharma,  S.B.,  Siddiqi,  M.R.,  Rahaman,  P.F.,  Ali,  S.S.  and  Ansari,  M.A.  (1999). Description of Heteroderaswarupi sp. N (Nematoda: Heteroderidae), a parasite of chickpea in India. International Journal of Nematology, 8:111-116.
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Publications on Higher Education:

  • Shaheed Khan, Panch. Ramalingam, P. Fazul Rahman and Freeda Maria Swarna M (2022). Online Teaching in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities. International Journal of Asia Pacific School Psychology (Volume 03, Number 2) - 134-151 (ISSN 2697 6544).
  • P. F. Rahaman, (2021). Mere Sathi Prof. Zafaruddin: Kuch yaden Kuch BatenAdab-o-Saqafat,  A  Research  &  Refereed  Journal  (ISSN-2455-0248)  September 2021, P: 76-79
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