Dean Student Welfare

The Dean Students’ Welfare shall look after the general welfare of the students and also provide appropriate encouragement for sound and fruitful relationship between the intellectual and social life of the students for their grown and development as matured and development as matured and responsible human beings.

The Dean of Students’ Welfare, will arrange for guidance of and advice to the students on matters pertaining to:

  • Organization and development of students’ bodies;  
  • Counselling and students’ guidance facilities;
  • Promotional of students’ participation in co-curricular and social activities;
  • Financial aid to students as per the decision of the University;
  • Students - Teacher and Student - Administration relationships;
  • Career advice and campus placement;
  • Arranging facilities for the students Educational Tours and Excursion, other than those prescribed as part of curriculum;
  •  Securing facilities for students for further studies in the country and/ or abroad, and career advancement;
  • Any other problems of the students relating to the University.

Dean of Students’ Welfare shall:

  • Coordinate the activities of Hostels and have power of shifting a resident from one Hostel to another, if deemed necessary;
  • Make arrangement with Railway concession tickets to students during vacations, for educational tours students’ participation in extra-curricular activities and sports and for home town visits.
  • Shall co-ordinate and arrange the disbursement of all financial aids, scholarships, stipends, etc to the students.
  • The DSW shall work for the welfare of the students as prescribed in the Regulations and also as directed by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.
  • Perform such other duties and discharge such other responsibilities, as may be assigned to him by the Academic Council/ Vice-Chancellor from time to time.


  • All scholarships awareness
  • Railway concession/Bus Pass
  • Students Union Election
  • Complaints/suggestions from the students
  • Students Induction Programme
  • Career Guidance


Sl.No. Name Designation Intercom /Centrex / Extn. Mobile No. E-mail ID
1 Prof. Syed Alim Ashraf Dean, Students Welfare 4850 9885700584
2 Prof. Mohammed Abdul Sami Siddiqui Joint Dean Students Welfare ---- 9666417731
3 Dr. K.M. Ziyauddin Assistant Dean Students Welfare ---- 9966255073 7992319659
4 Ms. Ismat Fathima Assistant Dean Students Welfare ---- 8978571655
5 Mr. Jameel Ahmed Assistant Dean Students Welfare ---- 9160077753
6 Dr. Jarrar Ahmad Assistant Dean Students Welfare ---- 9618783492
7 Mr. Mohd Arshad Assistant 4853
8 Mr. B Chandra Shekar MTS 4853 9000951104 ----