The main objective of the Centre is to train Urdu language teachers and other teachers of Urdu medium schools and madrasas:

  1. To understand pedagogical values in their profession and incline towards the commitments and competencies in the profession.
  2. To build awareness about education as human capital and its role in human resource development.
  3. To identify the slow learners who need remedial teaching and understand the techniques of diagnosing class room difficulties and provide guidance.
  4. To realize the multifaceted role of a teacher.
  5. To understand the process of becoming an effective teacher.
  6. To develop the communicative skills in Urdu language.
  7. To make efforts for improvement and development of Urdu language.
  8. To understand the difficult concept in various subjects taught in Urdu medium schools.
  9. To develop positive attitude to embrace professional commitments that makes the teacher popular in society.
  10. To develop required professional competencies to make the child as a useful member of the society through his/her all-round development.
  11. To develop enthusiasm in teaching profession.
  12. To develop right perspective and attitude towards emerging technologies in teaching-learning process.
  13. To bring out the attitudinal change in Urdu medium school teachers/madrasa teachers from traditional thinking of a bell and bill to positive thinking of job satisfaction.
  14. To keep teachers abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the field of pedagogy and educational psychology.
  15. To make efforts for bringing together the Urdu medium teaching community, academicians, educationists and intellectuals for mutual interaction to sort out the problems of Urdu medium education.