Target Groups

The aims and objectives of the Centre are as follows:

Target Group: The target groups consist of two streams, i.e. teachers working in Schools and Madrasas.

Teachers working in:

  • Elementary, Primary and Upper Primary Schools
  • Secondary and Senior Secondary / Intermediate level.
  • Madresas and Maktabs at different levels
  • Angan Wadi and Bal-Wadi Schools
  • Adult and Non-formal Educational Agencies and
  • Executives, Inspecting Officers and Educational Functionaries.

Organization of the Target Groups:

The Centre will organize training groups for Urdu medium teachers as mentioned below:

  • Region-wise / state-wise approach: Urdu medium teachers working in schools and madresas in southern states.
  • Subject wise approach: Professional development programmes in different school subjects.
  • New entrants in teaching profession.

Duration of TRAINING Programmes:

  • Short term and Crash Course (One week to two weeks)
  • Long term Course (Two weeks to four weeks)
  • Workshops and Orientation Programmes (Two days to 10 days)
  • Professional Fairs and Exhibitions (One day to three days)
  • Consultative Meetings, Seminars and Symposiums (One day to three days)
  • Conferences and Seminars (One day to four days)