Emergency: There are various types of emergency cases round the clock, which are attended by the Doctor on call in the Health Centre and are treated either in the Health Centre or are referred to other Super Specialty Hospitals depending on the case under medical supervision.

Nursing Section: The Health Centre has got a well equipped nursing section with well trained staff to handle the emergencies. The nurses check and record vitals such as -pulse rate, temperatures, blood pressures etc. giving priority to the urgently needed attention in emergency cases. This Section has Male & Female wards separately.

Administration  of medicines, injections and intravenous infusions, managing intravenous fluids, observing and monitoring patient’s conditions, maintaining records and communicating the same to the doctors.They assist the doctors in emergency cases and follow-ups of temporarily admitted patients under observation.Administering Oxygen, nebulization to the patients when needed as advised by the doctors.  Caring and dressing of the wounds, applying bandages, splints, assisting the doctors while suturing the cuts & injuries.Assisting in the health camps organized for Blood donation, Cardiology, Eye check-up etc.


X-Ray:  X-ray Department is catering to the needs of students, staff and their dependants regularly, it is being managed by our senior X-ray Technician of 22 years of experience, Medical & accidental cases including bone fracture, dislocation and sprains are being diagnosed with the help of X-Rays. Recently we have procured a new Digital X-ray Machine which has helped in better diagnosis. X-Rays staff also educates the patients about the procedure to be done.

X-ray facility is available on free of cost from 9.00am to 5.30pm, on all working days.