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G20 Painting Competition - May 2023

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  • Drawing Hall, Polytechnic

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  •  3:00 pm

Event Description

G20 Painting Competition - May 2023

Topic: "One Earth. One Family. One Future"

25 May 2023.  3:00 pm

Drawing Hall, Polytechnic. 


1. This competition is open for all regular students enrolled at MANUU, Hyderabad.

2. Participants will be provided with a white sheet at the venue.

3. Participants will have to bring their own colors/materials. Water colors, acrylics, oil paints, oil pastels, color pencils, gouache,  sketch pens, or a combination of any of the above can be used.

4. Pen/Pencil sketching and charcoal drawing are to be avoided.

5. The time allotted for the competition is 45 minutes. 

6. All participants will be awarded an E-Certificate for participation. Three cash prizes (Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 1000/-,  Rs. 500/-) will be awarded based on the following criteria : Originality, Relevance to the theme, and Quality of      artistic composition. 

7. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.  

For registration, follow the link or scan the QR code


Registrations close 22 May 2023