12th Laadli Awards
Department of Women Education
12th Laadli Awards
Department of Women Education
12th Laadli Awards
Department of Women Education
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List of Research Publication by Department of Women Education

Research Publication of Shahida


  1. Books 1. Indian Women in Development Perspective (Ed).

Anmol Publishers, Bangalore ,2006 .

  1. Understanding Women’s Issues: a feminist Standpoint.(ed)

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  1. Women’s Human Rights: a feminist Discourse. (ed) Anmol Publishers. New Delhi.2015.
  2. Gender & Inclusion. (ed). Centre for Development Policy and Practice.(CDPP). 2021. Hyderabad.

2. INTERNATIONAL (Proceedings & papers)

  1. Empowerment of rural Women: A myth or reality? 14th World Congress of Sociology, International Sociological Association, Montreal 1998. RC – 18
  2.  Women’s Education and Fertility – an Indian Experience. International Sociological Association, Montreal 1998. RC – 41
  3.  Urbanization and Women’s Rights: A Study of contraceptive behavior. 14th World congress of Sociology, International Sociological Association, Montreal, 1998. RC -21
  4.  Gender, Education and Inequality – A Policy Perspective. International Sociological Association. RC. 04, Montreal, 1998
  5. Gender Perspective in Demography: an Indian Experience. Workshop on Gender Issues in Demography, Research Committee on Sociology of Population, International Sociological Association, Madrid, Spain, 4-8 September 2000.
  6.  Role of Universities in Digitizing the Rural Communities. The First International Convention on Mapping Technology in Libraries and People, February 13-15, 2003. Organized by INFLIBNET Centre and Nirma Education & Research Foundation. Ahmadabad.
  7.  International Conference Proceedings. “Faith, Gender & Culture- Reimagining a just community” (Muslim Perspective) In Faith, Gender and Culture: Reimagining Just Communities. South East Asia Conference on Gender Justice. 15-18 OctobeGenderr 2019. Published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, America.
  8. Gender as a concern of Human Rights. Session: ‘Sexuality on the Edge’ in the Intentional Conference on “ Social Justice Work”. Organized by The Society for the Study of Social Problems. The University of Tennessee, GA,US. 13th -15th August. 2010.
  9. Gender and Use of ICT. In Globalization, Technology Diffusion and Gender Disparity – Social Impacts of ICTs. Ed. By Theo Van Der Weide and Rekha Pande. IGI Global, USA, 2011.
  10. Rural Women Empowerment- an Alternate Vision, International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education, 1(5), 515-518. 2015.
  11.  "Menstruation and the Dynamics of Cultural Violence” in AshEse Journal of Family and Lifestyle, 2021, pp 44-50, London: UK (ISSN:2517-1720).
  12. The intensity of farmer’s suicide in the district of Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh. International Journal of Research & Analytical Review. ISSN:2348-1269. 14.02.2020.
  13. Capitalism, Patriarchy and women’s oppression in a globalized world(with special reference to women in unorganized sector). Gender & Inclusion (ed). CDPP. 2021.
  14. “Surayya Tayyabji- the resolute woman” in Apostles of Transformation: Anthology of Muslim Women Trailblazers in India. Peter Lang Publishers. UK.( 2022)