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Dr. Danish Moin

Prof. Danish Moin


Email Id

Phone :91 9527996163

Educational Qualifications:Ph.D.

Profile of Danish Moin

Working as Professor in the Dept. of History, MANUU, Hyderabad. Engage in taking regular classes, evaluating and preparing questions for the Ph.D., Post Graduate and Under Graduate students at MANUU. Working on various small research projects on Medieval Indian numismatics.

Worked 23 years (1992-2015) at Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies(IIRNS), Nasik, a premium Research Centre in India on Indian Numismatics at various positions including Asst. Director and head, Medieval Indian Numismatics Section.

Successfully conducted various short term training courses at IIRNS as a course Director, two such short term courses were even designed by me. During my stay IIRNS I was actively engaged in the research of Medieval Indian Numismatics and contributed three books, edited (as an Associate Editors) four volumes

of a Research Journal, compiled a book and about 50 articles. Worked as a Subject expert on documentation Projects of IIRNS, the projects sanctioned by National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (ASI, Red Fort, New - Delhi). Coins of nine Government Museums are fully documented and submitted to the concerned Dept.

Research Publication of Danish Moin

Books / Catalogues/ Edited:

  • Coins of the Delhi Sultanate, IIRNS Publications, Nasik (1999). 81-86786-04-X
  • Coinage of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, A typological Studies, IIRNS Publications, Nasik (2003). ISBN. 81-86786-15-5
  • Catalogue of Medieval Coins in Assam State Museum, Guwahati (Silver and Copper coins of Sultanate, Mughal and British Period). Directorate of Museums Assam, Guwahati , 2010.

Compiled Book:

  • Medieval Indian Coins: Coinage of Bengal Sultans by G.S.Farid. IIRNS Publications, Nasik, 2002, ISBN-81-86786-13-9

Associate Editor of Research Journal:

  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest Vols. 32-33(combined) (2008-2009), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. ISBN. 978-81-86786-29-1
  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest 34-35 (combined) (2010-2011), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. ISBN. 978-81-86786-32-1
  •  Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest Vols. 36-37 (combined) (2012-2013), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. 978-81-86786-36-9
  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest 38 (2014), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. 978-81-86786-37-6

I (a) Un-published work:

  • A Catalogue of a Collection of Pencil Rubbings of Coins (A catalogue of 500 medieval coins)

II. Research Paper:

  •  Dr. Danish Moin,Understanding Adoption and Diffusion of Culture in the Light of Medieval Indian Numismatics,Samskrti Sandhana,2018 ,0974-1526
  • Dr. Danish Moin,Mints And Coinage Of Akbar From Rajasthn,The journal of the Numismatics Society of India Vol. LXXXI, Part-I&II ,2019 ,0029-6066
  • Dr. Danish Moin,Book Review:Coin Hoards of the Bengal Sultans 1205-1576 AD from West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Bangladesh by Sutapa Sinha,Journal of the Asiatic Society, Volume LX number 4, 2018,2019 ,0368-3308
  • Dr. Danish Moin, Mints and Coinage of Jahangir from Rajasthan ,An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal
  • Inscription and Calligraphy on the Mughal and Safavid Coinage: A Comparative Studies.” In Radhika Seshan (Ed.) Narrative Routes and Intersection in Pre-Modern Asia (pp157-175) Routledge Taylor and Francis , ISBN978-1-138-28286-5, 2017.
  • Persian Inscription and Islamic Coinage Tradition of India: A Numismatics View. In Muhammad Nazrul Bari (Ed.) Enduring Civilizational Encounter A Study of Indo- Persian Relation (pp. 91-105), Manak Publisher, New-Delhi. ISBN 978-93-7831- 410-0, 2016.
  • Mughal Silver Coins Hoard from Chaklohal, Malegaon, Maharashtra State- Circulation pattern of Mughal In Ayub Ali (Ed,) Studies in Medieval Deccan History (14th-17th century) M.A. Nayeem Festschrift, (pp. 240-243), Deccan History Society, Warangal. 2015.
  • Coinage Tradition of Medieval Deccan, Numismatica Indica, Festschrift to D. Raja Reddy, Edited by Prof. P. Chenna Reddy, pp.197-200, New Delhi. 2011.
  • Decorative Art on Mughal and Sultanate Coins, Numismatic Digest, vol. 34-35 (combined) 2010-2011.
  • A Copper Coin of Murad Baksh from Surat, IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 47
  • A Rare Coin of Ahmed Shah III of Bahamani Sultanate (with Milind Patel), IIRNS Newsline Issue , 2000
  • A Copper Coin of Jahandar Shah from Sholapur Mint, IIRNS Newsline Issue 33. , 2002
  • Imtiazgadh: A New Mint of Kam Baksh, IIRNS Newsline Issue Oct. 2001.
  • An Unpublished Gold coin of Jalaluddin Muhammad of Bengal, IIRNS Newsline Issue. 24.1999
  • Art of Islamic Calligraphy on Indian Coins, published in the appendix section of Numismatic Art of India by B.N. Mukharjee, New- Delhi, 2007.
  • Art and Artistic Design on Medieval Indian Coins, Purva Prakash in Commemoration volume of Z.A. Desai, ((eds. I.K.Sharma, M.I.Quddusi, vol.ii), New Delhi, 2003“
  • The Khalifah (Caliph) and Medieval Indian Coins, Purva Prakash in Commemoration volume of Z.A.Desai, (eds. I.K.Sharma, M.I.Quddusi, vol.ii), New Delhi,
  • Inscriptions on Medieval Indian Coins; An Analysis, Medieval Indian Coinage Social and Economic (ed. Amiteshwar Jha), IIRNS Publications, Nasik 2001.
  • Coins of Deccan Sultanates: Some observations, Numismatic Studies VI, New Delhi., 2001
  • A New Copper coins of Murarrao Ghorpade from Gooty Mint (with Dilip Balsekar),Studies in South Indian Coins, vol. 10, 2000.
  • Square Copper Coin of Ibrahim Adil Shah II: A Calligraphic Study, Studies in South Indian Coins. Vol. VII, 1997.
  • Medieval Indian Coins: A Calligraphic Aspect, JNSI LVIII, 1996.
  • Nasik Hoard of Mughal Gold Coins Numismatic Digest, XXXI 2007.
  • An Unpublished Seal of the Mughal Prince Jahan Shah (with Sanjay Sahadeva),Numismatic Digest vol.XXX (combined) 2005-2006.
  • Mughal copper Coins From Burhanpur mint (with K.Gupta), Numismatic Digest vol. XXVIII (combined) 2003- 2004.
  • Dasa and Sukki Coins of Akbar (with K. Gupta), Numismatic Digest, vol. XXIII (combined) 1999-2000.
  • Two Gold Coins of Burhan Nizam II of Nizam Shahi Dyansty, Numismatic Digest XXI (combined) 1997-1998.
  • Copper Coins of Jahangir on Silver Pattern (with B. Verma), Numismatic Digest vol. XX, 1996.
  • A Rare Quarter Rupee of Jahangir (with Dilip Balsekar) Numismatic Digest XIX, 1995.
  • Mughal Silver Coins from Yeola: A hoard Study (with Dilip Balsekar) Numismatic Digest XVIII, 1994.
  • Coins of Baz Bahadur (with Dilip Balsekar), Numismatic Digest, vol. XVII, 1993.

 III. Articles:

  • Animal Motif on Islam Shah’s Coins Numismatic Panorama, Essays in the Memory of Late Shri S. Shukla (ed. K. K. Maheshwari and Biswajeet Rath), Harman Publishing House, New Delhi. 1994
  • Bibliography entitled A Subject Index to coin Noting in IIRNS Newsline (Issue 1 to 15) IIRNS Newsline Issue 16, 1997
  • A Tiny Copper Coin of Ibrahim Adil Shah II (with P. P. Prabhune), IIRNS Newsline, Issue 7.,1995.
  • Rama on Baroda Coins (with Dilip Balsekar ), IIRNS Newsline Issue 10, 1996.
  • A New Mint of Shah Alam II( Dilip P. Balsekar and L. B. Varma) IIRNS Newsline Issue 11, 1996.
  • Tanka-i-Akbar Shahi: A Note on Denomination IIRNS Newsline 13. 1997.
  • A Silver coin of Akbar from Ahmadnagar mint with the world Rama in Devanagari (with Rajesh L. Verma), IIRNS Newsline.
  • Small Denomination Silver Coin of Muhammad Shah II Bahamani (with Rajesh Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue.18., 1998
  • Dating Problem on Medieval Indian IIRNS Newsline Issue. 19, 1998
  • An Unpublished Coin die of Bahadur Shah of Gujarat (with M. K.Gupta), IIRNS Newsline Issue, 2000
  • A Copper coin of Akbar from Ahmadnagar Mint (with Sanjay Sahdev), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 35. 2002.
  • An Unpublished Coin Die of Muhammad bin Tughluq (with K.Gupta)IIRNS Newsline no. 37, 2003
  • Copper Coins of Burhan Nizam Shah I (with Chandmal P.Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 40., 2003
  • Mughal Coins; Some observation, In the Souvenir COINEX, Pune
  • “Some Interesting Mughal Coins” (with Rajesh L..Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 52-53., 2006-07 (combined)

IV. Book Reviews:

  • Coins of Jahangir Creation of a Numismatist by Andrew V. Liddle, Numismatic Digest vols. 36-37(combined), 2012-2013.
  • The Coins of Indian Sultanates by Stan Goron and P.Goenka, Numismatic Digest vol.25-26 (combined), 2001-2002.
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  • Deities on Indian Coins, Biswajeet Rath, IIRNS Publications, Nasik. Times of India, Mumbai, Nashik Times of India,August 20, 1999.
  • Paper Money of India, L. Gupta IIRNS Newline Issue no. 27 (July 2000).
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  • Yadgar-e-Char Sau Salah Taqerib Shahr-e-Haiderabad Deccan Catalogue Asaf Jahi Sikke Waighjaira aur Kaghazi Currency Mokhtasar Tarikh 1724 Ta 1947 (by Amjad Ali) in IIRNS Newsline, Issue 3, 1994
  • Couplets of Mughal Coins of India by Manik Jain, Numismatic Digest volume 21-22 (1997-98)
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