Computer Lab

The Lucknow Satellite Campus of MANUU has a high-tech computer lab with 21 seats of the advanced computing system based on Server-thin Client architecture with LAN of Gigabit bandwidth. The lab has internet services through both Ethernet cable and wireless connectivity. The lab has also LCD projection systems, network printers, video cameras, etc. The following hardware and systems have been installed in the lab:

  • Dell T30 Server
  • 20 GreengateVDI Thin Clients
  • Wireless HP and Canon Network Printers
  • Advanced Networking Equipment from Dlink
  • CCTV Surveillance security system through NVR of CP Plus
  • LCD Projection System of Sony
  • Digital Video Camera of Nikon

The computer lab provides facilities for Computing, printing, andinternet browsing services for the students and faculty members of the Campus.

Classroom IT Facilities

All classrooms have All in One PC Desktop at teacher’s desk connected with LAN having Internet Connection of bandwidth 100 Mbps. The whole campus has Wi-Fi environment which is accessible to students, faculties and staff.It enables them to get an easy access to high speed Internet.

Detail of the computer and Internet facility made available to the faculty Members.
All the faculty members of the Campus are given individual computers in their chambers that are interconnected and facilitated with internet. The connection to all the users is secured with the username and password.The internet connection provided through Ethernet cable wire has bandwidth of 100 Mbps.

Upgradationof the IT infrastructure Facility of the Campus

  • ICT enabled classrooms have been introduced for enriching the teaching and learning process.
  • More number of All In One PC Desktops and Laptops are being added to cater to the needs of the students, teachers and staff.

The computers in the lab are well configured andaccording to the needs of the users. These computers are upgraded as per the needs of university syllabus and the software version change.

The computer and related electronic equipment are tested and maintained regularly to keep the facility up and running.

Every three months all the computers and related equipment are cleaned .The inventory of the products is maintained to check and update the non-workingequipment.

The campus facilitates extensive use of ICT resources, anduse of computer-aided teaching learning materials in the teaching learning process.


All the PCs are interconnected in LAN. The networking layout designing and implementation have been done. The computers and networking devices (like IP cameras, NVR, Network Printers, POE and Non POE Gigabit Switches, Wireless Access Points etc.) are spread all over three storied building of the campus.


The campus is enabled for wireless connectivity. All the laptop users and Smart devices get connected to the resources with DHCP enabled access points. Free, Secure and controlled internet connection is provided to all stakeholders of the campus.


The LCD Projectionfacility with projector screen is available at various locations and used by students, faculties and staffs for making their presentations, seminars and workshops.


Bio-Metric attendance system is available for teaching and non-teaching staffs of regular courses as well asof distance courses.

CCTV Surveillance

The corridors, entrance gates and whole campus have CCTV surveillance systems installed to ensure complete security on each floor.

FIT Course

FIT (Fundamentals of Information Technology) paper is being offered by Department of Computer Science and Information Technology of MANUU as a compulsory paper for all the PG students of the campus in 2nd Semester.

Course Objectives with Expected Learning Outcomes:

1. The main purpose of this course is to enhance student ’s technical skills in terms of operating computers, Hardware, Software, and its applications. This course attempts to introduce the fundamentals of Information Technology, Categories of Machines, Servers,How Computers works.

2. Introduction to Word Processing, creating, editing and saving documents, formatting features of work processing, working with tables, graphs and Excel sheet.

3. Basic knowledge of Networks and Internet Concepts: Benefits of Networks, Types of networks, Types of LAN, Components of LAN, Topology of LAN. The internet and World Wide Web