Department of Persian

Persian was introduced as a discipline at the Postgraduate level in 2009 at Lucknow Campus. After the permanent appointments of the teachers in 2012, the development of the campus started in full force. The University, in the Academic Year 2017-18 introduced the Ph.D. program at the Campus and in the year 2018-19 introduced B.A. The department of Persian has been making continuous efforts in the development of Persian Language and Literature and in this regard, the department has organized extension lectures on different topics. The thrust areas of the Department are: Indo- Persian Literature, Persian Language Learning, Comparative Linguistics, Manuscriptlogy, Documents Reading, Historiography including History of Persian Literature in India and Iran, Epigraphy, Classical Persian Literature, Persian Prose and Poetry, Essay, Prosody and Rhetoric’s, Prose and Poetry produced in Indian sub –continent. It also offers courses in Islamic Philosophy, Ethics and Sufism. Besides the teaching work at the graduate and post-graduate levels, it also provides adequate facilities and guidance for the prospective research students. Preference have been given on Indo-Persian Literature, Kings of Awadh and their reign, editing of manuscripts etc. to the research scholars for their research work.

The present Incharge, Dr. Abdul Quddoos made efforts in reorganizing the library of campus and also provide sufficient books related to the existing syllabus. The teachers of the Department of Persian have been continuously doing their work related to teaching, as well as research work and the teachers have been recognized and awarded from different prestigious institutions for their academic endeavors. Creative activities of the teachers of the department are counted among the strengths of the department.

The department has a vision to develop human resource in the field of translation and teaching by imparting good language skills and rigorous training at par with the best in the world. The department lays emphasis on human values which form an integral part of the curriculum too.