The objects of MANUU are:

  1. to promote and develop the Urdu Language
  2. to impart education and training in vocational and technical subjects through the medium of urdu

  3. to provide wider access to people desirous of pursuing programmes of higher education and training in Urdu medium through teaching on the campus as well as at a distance, and

  4. to provide focus on women education

In reality all these objects set the distinctiveness of MANUU from all the other Higher Educational Institutions in the Country. All the programmes in MANUU are taught in Urdu including science and technology programmes of study, except language programmes. In order to achieve, maintain and assert its distinctiveness MANUU has established a Directorate of Translation and Publication (DTP) to develop study contents in Urdu. MANUU has two centres which specifically promote culture of Urdu and knowledge in Urdu, namely Centre for Urdu Culture Studies (CUCS) and Centre for Promotion of Knowledge in Urdu (CPKU) respectively. MANUU has its website and all the contents there displayed in Urdu besides, English. The University recruits only those who possess knowledge of Urdu. It runs Urdu proficiency certificate classes for students, teachers and non-teaching staff, to enhance their knowledge of Urdu.

Weblinks: (Urdu Website)