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Prof. Noushad Hussain Noushad Hussain Professor

Research papers / Articles in Journals

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Naushad Husain, “The Right to Education: A Conceptual Framework” in a book Right to Education: Retrospect and Prospects Edited by Dr. Noushad Husain, 2014, ISBN-978-81-7541-627-7
  • Naushad Husain, UNIT IV: TEACHING AS A PROFESSION (OF MANUU-B.Ed. (DM) 1st Year paper BBED104CCT: Learning and Teaching, 2018, ISBN-978-93-80322-13-1
  • Naushad Husain, UNIT I: Introduction OF MANUU-B.Ed. (DM) 2nd Year paper BBED205CCT: GENDER, SCHOOL AND SOCIETY, 2018, ISBN-978-93-80322-33-9
  • Naushad Husain, UNIT II: Understanding Conflict and Hindrances Towards Achieving Peace OF MANUU-B.Ed. (DM) 2nd Year paper BBED207CCT: PEACE EDUCATION, 2018, ISBN-978-93-80322-35-3
  • Naushad Husain, India needs to Redefine the Quality of Education, 2015
  • Naushad Husain, Reflection as an Overarching Value in Teacher Education, 2015
  • Naushad Husain, Education for Human Rights: Commences in Primary Grade, 2015
  • Naushad Husain, Maulana Azad and Right to Education, 2015
  • Naushad Husain, Application of Information & Communication Technology in Conjunction with Pedagogy in Schools, 2015
  • Naushad Husain, Daqiyanoosi Tarze Khayal se paida hone wali Takhweef aur Adraaki Ta’areef ke zere Asar Muslim Khawateen ki Zahni Sehat par Murattab hone wale Asarat: Mutale’a, 2018
  • Husain, N. “Professional Ethics and Commitment as means of Professional Development” (pp 125-132) in a book Teacher Education: Challenges Ahead Edited by Prof. (Dr.) Sajid Jamal and Dr. Mohd. Shakir, (2019), EMPYREAL PUBLISHING HOUSE, GUWAHATI, IBSN:978- 81-939070-8-5