Department of English

The objective of the Department of English is to acquaint students with contemporary trends in English literature and language. It aims at creating holistic, analytical and critical perspective and facilitates students’ active and positive participation and contribution to the society. Particular attention is given to groom the critical faculty of the students by organizing student seminars and presentations from time to time and critical exposure is also provided by way of lectures delivered by eminent scholars in literary field. The English department at Lucknow Campus introduced PhD program from the year 2017. Bachelor of Arts Program is also being introduced from the current academic year 2018; in addition to this the department has been offering Postgraduate Programme (M.A. Course) in English since its establishment in the year 2009.

The thrust areas of Masters Programme in the Department are: The History of English Language and Literature, English language Teaching, Linguistics, Phonetics, British Literature, Maulana Azad Studies, American Literature, Postcolonial Literature, English Literature in Translation, Indian Writing in English and Literary Theory and Criticism. The dedicated faculty members of the Department try their level best to achieve the desirable results and expected outputs.

The primary objective of the department is to promote academic excellence and innovative inter-disciplinary research. The core areas of research at which the department focuses include English Studies as well as allied areas like Cultural Studies, Eco-criticism, ELT, Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies and Comparative Studies.